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The Hero Ahref is trapped in a Dungeon and his only way out of this dark hellhole is an out of work Fairy. Will Ahref carefully manage the light of his Fairy or will he brutally force her to feast on her own kind to replenish her strength?

You decide the outcome!


The Game consists of 2 Levels, an Intro Screen, a Fairy with decreasing Light radius, morality and much much more!

This Game was designed over the course of three days at the 3rd Klagenfurt Game Jam 2016. All Art Assets are hand drawn by Natascha and all Sounds are either recorded or creative commons.

Bugs & Issues:

There are still a few bugs with the movement system and sometimes there is Double jump, but we are still happy with the result.

Quality needs to be set to fantastic. Otherwise it won't work!


Matthias Kostwein: Game Design, Level Design, Narration

Johannes Wagner: Programming & C# Wizard

Franz Josef Huber: Programming & C# Wizard

Sergii Zhevzhyk: Programming & Lighting Wizard

Natascha Sobe: Artist & Unicorn

Kristina Wogatai: Sound Design & Story

Alexandra Wissiak: Story and Good Spirit

Install instructions

You need to play it in 1920 x 1080 and set the quality to fantastic. Otherwise it won't work.


Dont trust the Fairy_OSX.app.zip 31 MB
Don't trust the Fairy.zip 29 MB


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